Como Jogar Paladins

Published: 2019-08-04, Updated: 2019-08-04

As promised in our previous post about Paladins Review and answering to all your questions, we are writing this Paladins Champions Gameplay Tutorial just to bring you guys closer to the game and playstyle of each champion. Everyone that played this game, doesn’t matter if new or experienced player, been probably asking himself what kind of game style should they offer in the game with playing different types of Paladins Champions: Front Line, Support, Damage or Flank. We are going to start from the Front Line and finish with the Flank champions. Keep in mind that we are not going to be talking what kind of items you need to purchase in-game or what kind of Layouts you should be using. Layouts and Purchases will take place in some other post in near future. Hold tight, because this is going to be a long ride ;).


paladins champions

Fernando is a Front Line core, he is the best front line champion if you ask me. His shielding ability is the best in this game, comparing to the other Front Lines or Tanks, call them however you want, which makes you kind of OP when you stay in the middle of the capture point. What do you need to do and what kind of approach you need to have with this Front Line Champion? As we said, you need to hold the capture point as much as you can and try to save your team from death.

With the Shielding ability, I can definitely say AOE shielding because his shield has a lot of HP and do not have a timer that triggers it down. Either you can trigger it off, either the other team will break the shield. If the other team have healers and you cannot bring them down, then, you might want to focus your Fireball (reduces healing by 50% for 3 seconds) skill on the most effective guy on their team. For instance, with shot fireball on the healer, he cannot heal himself, and with shot fireball on the tank, he cannot be healed that effectively by the healer. It’s your choice which one are you going to choose. You can catch them both, but only if they are lined up. This tactic always works good.


When do you need to shield? When the most bad things are happening. You should have a little bit of knowledge on the other Paladins Champions and know their spells. Otherwise you won’t be able to use the shield that effectively. Using the shield in the right time is the most important thing you can ever do. If their team fall apart from the point and run away back to their base, you will get your chance to do some zoning. Typically, the zoning part is Flanker’s job. But if they are not able to zone, then with fernando and his charge ability, you should be able to zone the opponents out before they get back to the capture point. Other than this is pretty much the same, try to hold the capture point, eliminate the healer and save your teammates from dying.


Yes, Immortal (Fernando and allies within 70 units cannot be brought below 1500 hp or affected by damage over time effects for 4s) is really good, but I would love to give you an advice and try to hold it for the second objective because as you are getting closer to their point, things can go nasty because the other team is closer to the **Payload **position. What this means is as soon as they respawn they will damage you faster as you are not going to be able to heal yourself up, unless the other team is fully wiped. This means that you will be pushed to use your Immortal and try to save your team too. If you cannot hold it for the second objective, then you are going to use it in the first, simple.

That is what I remember at the moment and remember and we really hope you will get some knowledge on playing Fernando.


I really hope you are going to love this paladins tutorial and like the video gameplay. From now on Fernando should be definitely easier to play with, right? Do not forget, if you have a big advantage you can definitely start chasing the enemies and zone them out before they come back on the capture point.


paladins champions

Oh god, this champion is really easy to be played. He is total fun. With those miniguns you can just pew-pew all the time you want. But, keep in mind that you are more squishy than the others. His shielding is not that OP like the other Front Line Paladins Champions. Instead, he is using the shield just for himself. What is good with Ruckus is that you can save your teammates if you know when to activate Repulsor Field (projects a defensive energy impulse from his mech that protects nearby allies and will take 50% reduced damage for 3 seconds). With this spell and your shield on, you can be man of the match.

Otherwise, your playstyle should be focusing the capture point, just like any other front line. You should be 90% of the fights on the point because you do not have that much mobility. Since the moment you start firing those miniguns you will become a lot slower, thanks god you can jet out of any hard situation by using Advance. You can use advance only 2 times, then you are pretty much dead if you are in the middle of the fight. So, the best gaming approach with this champion would be staying on the capture point, waiting for the ult to be ready.


Believe me, if anything could save you a round is your ultimate skill. Hexa fire reveals two additional miniguns that deal 120 damage every .04 seconds. The artillery has arrived :). It’s easy and understandable to play. Just make sure you do not act smart and try to flank with this guy, because you can get dead really fast, even faster than you should :).


From now on Ruckus will be your trolling character, it’s good to be played just for that :).


paladins champions

Barik is a guy you’ll like for a long time. This midget is a true hero. Let’s start explaining his right playstyle. Securing the capture point, just like every other Front Line, is your main objective. You need to hop on the capture point and deploy your turret instantly, after that pop up your shield, so your turret will be fine for a longer period of time. After you get your objective the payload spawn, you might want to jump on the payload and just deploy turrets on it, this way they are going to move with it and they are not going to get lost behind. That’s all you need to know about the turrets.


His shield is actually called **Barricade **(deploys a barricade that provides cover and has 5000 hp and lasts for 4 seconds, or until it’s destroyed). This should be activated in the right time just as any front line champion shielding ability. The only advantage with Barik is that you can deploy the shield and still move around. Well, that is a lot of advantage if you ask me because after you deploy it and someone tries to go through the shield and shoot you down, you can go on the other side of the shield and troll the players while the shield is active. Believe me, it is fun. After the shield is gone you might want to activate Rocket Boots and get the hell out of there because you are squishy, you are not Fernando or Makoa :).


Your Dome Shield (Deploy a 20k health shield for 8 seconds with a Flamethrower inside that deals 400 damage per second) is really nice for fights on the capture point. By activating your ultimate you can either take the first objective and also win the second objective. Fun! You will love this champion for sure!


Barik the midget with beard should definitely be your second hand that always comes in a positive way to any other co-op Front Line champion. 🙂


paladins champions

Makoa is the real deal, believe me. This front line champion is real fun. Why? You can hook every single opposition champion you find on your way. Mostly, you will love to hold the capture point. If that’s too hard, you can start doing some crazy movements and try to flank or push the other team further away from the capture point.

This Front Line champion has some really OP skills that can make you survive every tough fight. Shell Spin and **Shell Shield **can make you mobile, initiate a teamfight, get out of teamfight while knocking opponents or get in a teamfight while doing the same. So basically you already have the combo. The bad part is that your shielding is not that effective if you are standing close to your opponents. But, it’s really effective against Viktor’s and Androxus ultimate. So if you pop it in the right time, you will survive, definitely. You can hide your entire team under your **Shell Shield, **so make sure you keep that spell active when most needed. ;).


What’s different from the other tanks is that Makoa can hook opposite team players by using Dredge Anchor. It’s not that easy to get a right hook, but if you do so, your next **Cannon Attack **will deal 70% more damage on marked targets! Well, this makes Makoa really strong Font Line champion.


Ancient Rage (increase your health by 5000 hp, drop your cannon and swing your anchor dealing 600 damage per swing) makes you freaking insane damage dealer and you can easily rekt any healer or tank on their team.

So basically, all you need to do with this champion is stay on the capture point, take care of your team, and hook the most effective guy on their team while your damage dealers or even you, can put him down.


Makoa will make you love him very much. His shyness will turn into aggression. This Makoa Tutorial should give thousands of tips and tricks and imagination of your next perfect execution with your OP hook (Dredge Anchor).


paladins champions

As we all know, all of the supports have a healing ability, some of them stronger, some of them weaker. **Ying **is the newest and mind blowing champion that can make the enemy team go nuts. With the title “new champion” she probably adopted the OP curse too, like in every single game, when the new character comes out, he is the most OP in the game (for the time being ofc).

The basic support role is taking care of the Front Line Paladins Champions while healing him as much as possible. Ying is really good at doing that by popping the illusions in the middle of the capture point. So, when you start the round, you will put 1 illusion before the capture point without being visible to the other team, so when you get in trouble, you activate **Dimensional Link **(swapping locations with the furthest illusion). If there are no illusions placed and you activate dimensional link you will get teleported to the last known position of a placed illusion. This should make you pretty much survivable.

The best thing is that you can Shatter (shatter all active illusions, causing them to start chasing enemies and explode for 500). You can get easy kills with it.

So basically you will need to stay close to the capture point while feeding and babysitting the tank with heals. Do not move too far away from him, because if you are the only healer in the team, your tank will get punished very easy.


**Illusory Rift **will make spawn a prism on every ally healing them for 200 damage over .5 seconds every 1 second. This ultimate should be used when there are flankers on your team in danger, so you cannot put an illusion close to them, which means your ultimate will be the only way to try to save them.


Hard to Kill support is one of the best things you can ever get. In the video you can see that Makoa was the only one chasing Ying. You cannot get a better scenario than that. That means easy job for the front line and damage players.


paladins champions

Pip is one of the strongest which can definitely transform into a carry. With his **Weightless **(Jump Higher for 3 seconds, remove all debuffs and he still can shoot while using it) he can take care of the opposite team while still taking care of the tank with the **Healing Potion **and also take care of himself.

How should I play with this guy? Well, basically you need to take care of the tank and try to kill enemies. Pip can easy go out of any kind of danger. While jumping around with his “F” he can easily take care of the guys that are flanking and go back in the middle of the point fight with the tank. The hardest part is determining when to use Evil Mojo.

Do not forget, if you have the early advantage you can start flanking the enemy and be even a bigger pain.


Evil Mojo is his ultimate and what it does it’s throws a flask that deals 200 damage and turns enemies into chickens with 1500 health for 4 seconds. When the effect ends, victims are turned into the previous state. So, basically when you activate evil mojo you might want to focus their tank and clear him out of the capture point. If it’s possible, keep it for the second objective because it will be a lot easier for you to get 2 points in 1 round. If not, activate it on the first point and take care of it.

I do not have anything else to say about pip. He is easy to understand and easy to play with. He can be a real pain for enemy team.


Carying a game with pip is totally possible. He can be the most insane champion in the game. All of the Supports have heals, but no one can roam and damage like PIP. Maybe Grohk can be the best copy, but still you cannot start roaming with him like with Pip.


paladins champions

Grohk is really easy to be played. He can take care of tanks while healing them up, but the problem is that his healing can be easily stopped with destroying his **Healing Totem. **Grohk can be a true hero when it comes to avoiding damage. With his Ghost Walk (become untargetable and gain 20% movement speed for 1.5s. Removes all debuffs on use.) you can avoid any kind of damage.

How should you play with this hero? It’s easy, stay in the middle, shoot enemies with your lightning staff and make sure your totems ur up and healing. Using shock pulse is nice, only when there are more enemies on the point. Taking care of the tank is a must. That’s basically all you need to do, you can see what are we doing in the video and do the same.


This ultimate power is nice to be used in a crowded place on a point. You might want to be at full HP after using it because something might go wrong and you will burn your ult for nothing. While activating Tempest (surge with power for 3 s, slowing and striking 2 nearby enemies at a time for 200 damage, speeding up and healing 2 nearby enemies for 500 health every .5 seconds). Now, after reading this, imagine you got only 2 tanks in the middle and there’s you. Freaking OP I’d say.


Grohk is one of the best supports champions when paired with a good tank. Grohk and Fernando or Grohk and Makoa can be a real pain for the enemy team. If you have the chance to pick them up both you should do it instantly.


paladins champions

This treant protector, that’s how I call him :), is a tanky and op guy with heals. Basically, what you want to do with him is stay put on the capture point and just spam **Throwing Axe **(Hurl your axe, dealing more damage the farther it travels, up to 1200) to enemies, the ones that are far away from you, so you can get the most wanted effect. Taking care of the Front Line is really easy. With **Blossom **(passively heal nearby allies for 80hp per second, while activating it heals them for 1000hp) you can manage to heal every single one of your core players, including damage dealers too. Not sure if you can make it and heal the flankers as they should be far away from you. If something goes wrong, you will always have Vine ready so you can get away from the mess and re-engage.


Grover’s Whirlwind (Rapidly heal nearby allies for 2500 health per second for 5s) is a really nice skill which can help your team survive through very bad times. Let’s say there is Androxus, Viktor, or Skye against you. You might want to save your ultimate skill for the most dangerous moments. If Androxus activates the ultimate, you can activate your ultimate too and no one close to you will die. Same thing is going on with Viktor or Skye. Well, Skye’s ulti can get someone but still, there should be guys that’ll survive through that too.

That’s all you need to do with Grover. Spam Blossom, spam axe, hold the capture point and hope for the best execution from your damage dealers and flankers. 🙂


Grover is a story for himself. He can offer big amount of healing power, but you are kind of limited with your attacks, means you cannot rifle the axes one after another. That makes me feel bad when i play with Grover.

No more supports left, so we finish the explanation on how to play with supports, it’s time for our Damage Paladins Champions. Let’s get on with them.


paladins champions

Cassie is the lonely and silent killer. You can pretty much do everything you want with Cassie. Flanking, standing behind the Front Line, taking care of herself with her Disengage (Shoot an arrow that deals 200 damage and blast the target backward) and **Dodge Roll **(Quickly roll in the direction you are moving and after activating it the next shot deals 30% more damage). So, if you are getting flanked by Skye, she is really squishy and you can just Disengage, Dodge Roll and start shooting at her.

We do not have much to say about all the damage dealers. Just taking care of everyone that’s opened while landing your shots precisely should do the job.

Cassie has an OP ulti which can hurt pretty much everyone that’s trying to flank because of the revealing of his positioning. Yes, by using SCOUT (send your bird in the sky for 8 seconds, revealing enemies to allies) you can get map awareness boost. You will know what’s going on and what the other team flankers are planning (1 more pain for Skye). It’s good to use your ultimate whenever it’s ready.


All-round damage dealer, engaging, disengaging, revealing the position of the enemy team… Cassie is One hell of a fighter.


paladins champions

Kinessa is one of the strongest damage dealers. Everyone want’s to get Kinessa eliminated since the start of the game. Kinessa is really good on open maps while getting positioned high or far behind the front line players. Her weakness is only flankers, no one else can really get to her that easy. You should just hold a position far behind the front line, as I already said. Everything else is just shooting at the enemies with your her **Sniper Mode **(Charge up and fire a long range attack dealing ip to 1000 damage and hitting an enemy while sniper mode is fully charge deals 20% more damage).

I am pretty sure everyone of you knows how to play and try to kill enemies with Kinessa. But, if you are getting flanked too much, you might want to use your **Oppressor Mine **(throw out to 2 mines that deal 4 damage every .2s to connected enemies while slowing the enemy by 30% and your carbine deals 30% more damage to those enemies that are caught by the oppressor mine). So, let’s say there is 1 flanker on the other team that flanks you every time and there are only 2 spots where he can come from. Put 2 mines on those spots, put one on the ground close to you. The next time he comes you will be killing him easier than ever.

If something goes wrong. You always have the Transporter (deploy a transporter that teleports you to its location after a short duration) ready, with an escape plan ;).


Headhunter (for 5 seconds, successful shots made to the upper half of an enemy will deal 50% increased damage and your sniper shots do not use ammo). This skill is really OP if you know when to use it. It’s good to use it when you are trying to eliminate the enemy team Front Line that harass your other Front Line teammates and try to take the capture point when possible. You need to land your shots in the upper half of the body, which pretty much means 2 fully charged sniper shots on their Front Line should take him down. You can use your ultimate against flankers, which can make you get rid of them really fast.

That’s all you need to do with Kinessa. Pretty simple, right?


All the paladins champions cannot deal damage big as kinessa’s. The problem is that her sniper must be shot precisely. You miss one shot, you die next one.


paladins champions

Drogoz can be really real pain for the enemy team, and real fun to play with him. Drogoz is really strong when it comes to AOE damage. By getting the strongest AOE champion in the game you should be able to clear out the capture point. You can do this pretty easy and you can escape if anything goes wrong with your **Thrust **(Jet upwards into the air, hold space to use your booster and after using thrust you gain 20% increased damage for 4 seconds). You can also use Thrust to get advantage while jetting up high in the air and shoot your **Salvo **(Pre-load all of the rockets from your magazine into your launcher. Your next shot will fire all of the pre-loaded rockets.

These rockets create larger explosions and deal 250 damage per shot. They deal additionally 100% more damage to shields). Now you definitely understand why overtaking a point should be really easy. Killing the tanks and their shields with Drogoz should be easy and fun job to do.


Also, by shooting **Fire Spit **(Spit out an unstable loogie. Enemies hit by your flammable saliva tak 150 damage and receive 30% more damage from your attacks for 4s. **Bonus Damage: **you may shoot the fire spit, causing a large explosion that deals 1000 damage). This is what you want to do, shoot fire spit in the middle and hit it with a rocket of yours. Than use your rocket launcher and pop every single rocket on the front line and his shield.

If you are getting flanked with Drogoz, you can pretty much just Thrust and hold space so you can keep yourself up high in the sky. Plus, you can fly and grind on some of the higher parts-cliffs on the map (depends which map you play on).


Using his Dragon Punch (unleash your fury and overclock your thrusters to deliver a high velocity punch that deals 100% of your target’s maximum health as damage) means you will get an instant kill. You might want to use this skill launched high in the sky and hidden behind some wall. Take out the most effective enemy. That should help you seal the point.

It’s simple right?


Drogoz is a never-ending learning champion. You will always learn new things when you play with Drogoz. That’s why playing with Drogoz should be always fun!


paladins champions

**Bomb King is also a god for AOE damage. Especially with his Grumpy Bomb and King Bomb. **We’ll speak more about them in the following text. So, what you wanna do with Bomb King is pretty much clear, get everyone dead :). Just kidding. So you might want to get a side and spam your Sticky Bombs in the middle of the capture point. Also, try to hit the enemy Paladins Champions and stick the bomb onto them, which means they will take a lot of damage and 2 or 3 bombs should mean instant kill. You are detonating the bombs with your right click, do not forget about that.

**Grumpy Bomb **(bomb that grows angrier within 3 seconds and explodes, dealing 800 damage and stuns all targets in range for 2s.) can make you king of the capture point. After the stun effect comes to live, you might want to pop your sticky bombs on the stunned target and kill him instantly, which means -1 and advantage for your team. Spam Grumpy bomb as much as you can in the middle of the fight. Everyone will get disengaged and will start running while you can take advantage and hunt them down.

Poppy bomb can be really good for avoiding and disengaging a fight, or sometimes if you play maps with edges you can push enemies outside of the map. Throwing a poppy bomb will have the same effect.


**King Bomb **(Roll into king bomb for 5 seconds, explode and deal up to 2500 damage to targets near the center, knocking yourself back and stunning enemies. Ignores shields.) The best part from this is that ignores shields, which makes you understand how OP this skill is. What you want to do is hide, activate King Bomb and surprise the enemy team. You are going to get a kill for sure. Be careful, because you can still be attacked while rolling with King Bomb, and you can get dead easy, that’s why you need to take a cover before activating it.

In a matter of minutes of playing with Bomb King, I bet you’ll start loving him and make new loadouts for him. For loadouts and stuff, we are going to speak maybe in another post, not in here.


Bomb King is one of the best defenders when it comes to defending the capture point. Those AOE sticky bombs are together with your Grumpy bomb will make a difference for sure.


paladins champions

Oh, look who’s here. It’s Vik himself. **Viktor **is the favorite among the players out there. What you want to do with Viktor is just focus everyone opened and shoot. Your positioning should be behind the tanks while making their front line move away from the point. It doesn’t seem that simple when you hop in the game because the enemy team will have flanker for sure. You will get flanked a lot. Do not worry, we have a counter flank plan ready for you. As soon as you get shot by the flank player, you pop Hustle (lower your weapon and run 65% faster) and start running away from the flanker, make a nice distance then you can either avoid him and go back close to the front line or turn back on him.

There is not much to say about Viktor, except take down enemies, run away from danger, disengage when needed, re-engage when on full hp. You might want to spam **Frag Grenade **(dealing up to 750 damage, holding Q will cook the grenade and reduce its detonation time, which means the grenade will explode a lot faster. Health drops reset the cooldown of Frag Grenade.) in the middle of the fight, or at the flanker, ofc with longest cooked grenade when comes to close fights. It’s a really nice and op skill that Vik has.


Barrage –Bring up your targeting binoculars and click on enemy players to guide an artillery shell to dealing 1400 to their location. Your movement speed is slowed while channeling barrage. This means that your ultimate can be really OP when it comes down to either pushing, either defending. You might wanna use your ultimate in the middle of the capture point or on the damage dealers standing in the back. Try to get as much as possible AOE with the ult, meaning get 2 or more players standing in the same spot.


Viktor is a chef. He cooks grenades which can be used for demolishing an opponent. While dealing insane amount of damage, the grenade can be useful to finish a champion and take him down. Also, the grenade can be thrown in the middle and you can deal the push-back effect.

With this, we pretty much nailed it and we are finished with the damage Paladins Champions. Now, it’s time for the flank type of Paladins Champions, my favorite.


paladins champions

This girl is one of my favorites, you can easily flank the enemy while going stealth. I have a good buildup (loadout) which i will release in the near future in another post. Playing with skye can be really fun. Her stealth ability Hidden (Enter stealth for 3.5 seconds. Getting close to enemies will reveal you while in stealth) should be used to flank the damage dealers. Let’s say if there is Kinessa or Viktor around you should definitely eliminate them first. She is squishy, but also deals insane amount of damage.

How to eliminate them? Well. by using Poison Bolts (fires 3 bolts in succession, each dealing 10% maximum health damage over 5s and marking the target, increasing the damage they receive only by 5% per bolt. Reduces healing by 50% for 3 seconds) properly with hitting all the 3 bolts, should give you a really easy kill. It doesn’t matter if it’s healer or damage player. The usage of the Poison bolts is one of the most important skills with Skye. Hitting 3 bolts on an enemy means easy kill. I won’t do the math, you can do it all by yourself. It’s really easy.

Smoke Screen –create a cloud of darkness that lasts 5 seconds, blocking all enemy vision in or out of it, also gain stealth when entering the cloud. You can use smoke screen if it’s really nasty in the middle of the point, just to help your teammates. But, the best usage of this spell is probably if you use it on yourself, just for getting out of danger after eliminating an enemy.


You have one of the most OP ultimate in the game. Your **Time Bomb **(Place a bomb that deals 3000 damage and destroying all shields) can easily get rid of enemies holding in the middle. When to use your ultimate? Either use it on the first objective right between the tanks and the damage dealers, either use it on the second objective. Make sure you place your Time Bomb in opened area so the enemies will not hide behind walls and stuff. Otherwise, they might avoid your ultimate. You can check what is going on in the video below.


One of the best flankers in this game. This video will definitely show you how to play with Skye as she is the most insane flanker if you ask me. You can easily deal with people one buy one. TIP: Hitting all 3 Poison Bolts is a key to success.


paladins champions

Evie is one of the most mobile heroes in the game. She can become Immune, can fly, can blink, there is no way to stop her at all. Ofc, if you do not suck playing with it. That’s why we are here to help you in first place :). She also deals a lot of damage.

So, since your job is to flank the opposite team, I’d suggest you to flank the champion with lowest hp first. 2 shots should take him down. First, you might want to initiate with **Blink **(Teleports forward a short distance and increases your damage by 30 for 4 seconds) and get in in front of the enemy. After you kill him, if you are getting in trouble you can activate Ice Block (become immune to all damage for 2 seconds. Cannot move or attack. Over the duration of ice block an area around you grows so when it ends, any enemy in that area will be slowed and marked), regen and then get away from the fight by using Soar (Hop on your staff and take a flight for 2 seconds).

Keep in mind, after using soar, you might want to be facing the top, so you will start flying up in the air. You will become more difficult target to hit. That’s basically all you need to do with Evie.


It’s typically the same but different order. Let’s say you need to get the point. You **Soar **to the middle of the point, then you activate Ice Storm (Fire a massive ice storm that lasts 4 seconds, damages for 40 every .25 seconds, slows and cripples targets inside) and immediately after that, you pop **Ice Block. **After the Ice Block is finished, you teleport out of the fight.

Simple, right?


Making an opponent’s mind blow is becoming truth nowadays. Thanks to Evies crazy spells can take down an opponent, run away from opponents, re-engage easily and take them down again. Guess what, she will be still alive after all of that.


Buck is a nice champion but it’s one of the hardest Paladins Champions to play. Why? Because you pretty much need to hit the net precisely in order to deal more damage. Yes, your job is to flank just like all the flankers, but while doing that you need to keep close to the enemy so you will deal a lot more damage than away from it. Let’s start.

What you want to do with Buck is try to flank the damage dealers and no one else. You have different skills, for initiating, for disengaging and running away, healing yourself, but, it’s still hard to manage all of that. When you get close to an enemy you need to fire the Net Shot(Fire a net that slows the target for by 50% for 1.5s and deals 150 damage. Bonus Damage: Buck deals 30% more damage to Netted Targets) at him without missing it so you can kill him a lot faster.

After you do that and you find yourself in a danger, you might wanna activate Heroic Leap (Buck leaps an incredible height and distance. Landing on a target deals 350 damage and slows enemies for 1s.) leap out of the fight and pop your Recovery (Heal for 1000 health over 4 seconds) so you can get your health back really fast.

After all of that you can try to reinitiate again with your **Heroic Leap **and try to hit a target. It is really hard. but one of Heroic Leap or Net Shot must connect so you can kill the target a lot easier. It’s pretty much the same rotation, always.


Buck Wild – Go Buck Wild, instantly resetting all your cooldowns, refilling your ammo and causing your weapon to deal double damage for 6 seconds. The best way to use this is to eliminate the Damage dealers, or maybe jump in the middle of the tanks if the damage dealers are dead.

Advice: The difference with Buck is that you can always chase down their flankers easy. The problem is their damage dealers are more important.

With buck there are too many different types of builds, we will release the best build that will suit you for this kind of gameplay in another FGR’s post. Just stay put.


Buck is a strong guy which can be used as a front line flanker. I call it front line flanker because he is a bit tanky and can demolish people by going close on them with his leaping ability and hitting the net shot precisely.


paladins champions

The last guy is my second favorite champion and overall the most played character in the game. Have you ever played a game without Androxus in it? I do not think so, as there must be a guy that picks Androxus.

The power of androxus and style of gameplay should be really easy and understanding. You need to flank and kill everyone you can find in your way, starting with the guys standing behind, then the flankers and last, the front line. It is hard, yes, but there are a lot of different builds for androxus that can suit your gameplay. His Revolver deals up to 620 damage per shot at close range for every .5 seconds. If you fail killing the target, you can always use Reversal (absorb all shots from the front, after 1.4 seconds fire a blast dealing 75% of the damage you absorbed) and try to hit the guy shooting you. Hitting the guy with reversal is really strong. You can instantly kill him and if you don’t, you can get 3 ammo and finish the job afterwards.

That’s why I said that this Champion is probably the most reliable on different layouts.

Also, depends on the type of player, are you ground player or flying player. Because with Andro, flying and shooting is possible while holding space on your keyboard. Holding space makes you grind in air and you can land shots easy from a higher perspective :).


**Accursed Arm **– Begin Flying for 4 seconds and mutate your Revolver to fire 4 explosive blasts that deal 1000 damage every .5 seconds.

Basically what you want to do is wait until there are more people gathered closely. You can definitely use it on one guy, let’s say if you need to eliminate their damage dealer or flanker, but shooting the ulti in the middle of a crowded area can give you the best result. Using it in the right time is most important, so, patience is gold when playing Androxus.


Androxus is an OP flanker. If you know how to play with Androxus properly, the enemy team is going to be pissed off. A small advice: stay put on the ground and fly only when needed.

Here, we end the tutorial wishing all the best for all Paladins players.

We hope we satisfied your needs. We are not going to stop here because we love this game pretty much. Next stop is the Different and best possible Loadouts, until then, stay put and visit our website whenever you are free. If you like this post, please do not forget to share!

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