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Published: 2019-08-04, Updated: 2018-08-29


Quebrar linha automaticamente

To wrap text within a cell, or merged set of cells:
Select a cell or group of cells.
Right-click the selected area and go to Format cells..., or select Format - Cells from the main menu
Click on the Alignment tab.
Check the Wrap text automatically (in 1.1.x: Automatic line break)
Click OK.
Select 'Optimal Row Height...' from the context menu. Now the contents of the cell will be wrapped to fit the cell.

Pegar o número da linha


Estilizar a tabela como zebrada

Congelar uma linha

Referenciar outra tabela


Flagear duplicados


ou se precisar de ver mais de uma coluna

=IF(COUNTIFS($A$1:$A$9999,A1, $B$1:$B$9999,B1) > 1,"Duplicate","")

Calcular apenas as linhas que foram filtradas

SUBTOTAL Calculates subtotals. If a range already contains subtotals, these are not used for further calculations. Use this function with the AutoFilters to take only the filtered records into account. Syntax

SUBTOTAL(Function; Range)
Function is a number that stands for one of the following functions:
Function index
2     COUNT
3     COUNTA
4     MAX
5     MIN
7     STDEV
8     STDEVP
9     SUM
10    VAR
11    VARP

Range is the range whose cells are included. Example You have a table in the cell range A1:B5 containing cities in column A and accompanying figures in column B. You have used an AutoFilter so that you only see rows containing the city Hamburg. You want to see the sum of the figures that are displayed; that is, just the subtotal for the filtered rows. In this case the correct formula would be:



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